Portland Multnomah County

Tina Schafer, PC, began her real estate career in 1997 and enjoyed rapid success, being inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame during her tenure with them. Her considerable expertise, passion for sustainability, ability to educate and connect with empathy, and to focus on her clients' needs made her an obvious match for us!

Known as one of our west side Agents, she's one of our 'go to' experts for Washington and Clackamas counties, as well.

In her spare time, Tina loves doing home improvement projects, gardening, getting out in nature, and doing her part to keep the planet clean and healthy. She lives in SW Portland with her partner, Karen, and their four furry friends.
COMMUNITY We are inspired by and connected to Portland. We know our neighbors. We strive to use sustainable, eco-friendly, socially just practices for the greater good.
The name "Urban Nest" is a product of our highly collaborative approach—it was the winner of a client business naming contest! And it fits. Urban Nest is a welcoming haven right in the city. We have two storefronts (North and Northeast) that are hubs for Portland community events—concerts, workshops, get-togethers, and more. “Nesters” like us can wave hello and neighbors stop in any time. It is a place to grow, learn, collaborate and practice the best real estate we can. We love our place and hope you will too.

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