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GayRealEstateSales acts as a marketing website and we are not directly involved with third party advertisers or their services. If any disputes arise, you agree to hold harmless GayRealEstateSales and deal directly with the party of your dispute.
Listings are set up and your approval is requested. You must advise us of any changes to your listings. This service is included at no additional charge. You must notify us if you wish to cancel your listing.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We are a design company, we never ask for a referral fee.

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Customized Realtor Postcards

Chicago postcard Chicago Postcard back Realtor
Baltimore Postcard Baltimore Postcard back Realtor

Additional Service - Print Media

We design and do print media, websites as our full time work. Custom postcards are a great way to bring visitors to your site, advertise an Open House, let people know about your New Listings, or just a nice way to say Thank You to the people that support you. Add a caption or photo to the front of the card, such as "Making Moves in Miami....your Name."


Reverse side.

Customize the cards with your info, slogan, photo, add a space to write something personal. What ever you want. Working hand in hand with photographers to offer a unique product at a reasonable price. We send a proof for approval, then send the artwork files to one of the locations of the trade printer, with print facilities across the US. This brings fast turnaround and better freight rates. People notice exceptional... be amazing!

custom postcard reverse side

More Ideas...

We have a huge inventory of images and what we don't have, we can find from our image supplier. The royalties for usage are fractional for running a unique designed promotion.

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